Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Last Time:

Clearly, I suck at this daily writing thing seeing as I write every other day, if Blogger is lucky.

So. What have you missed out on? EXCITING STUFF, my friend! Ah, yes, exciting stuff, indeed!

- Checked out some bizarre photos on facebook of a guy I went on one date with in New York. He is really buff now. Like, scary buff.

- Lamely agreed to an apartment. Still not very happy. I excuse myself by saying I should be uncomfortable. It'll keep my artistic nature flowing. Or some shit.

- Drank coffee every morning this week. Starting to feel nast.

- Sat for an 8 week old yesterday, and about to go do it again. She hated me. Her parents hated me. I hated me. I'm sure it wasn't that bad, start having really dark insights into your life when an infant is screaming at you and you can't figure out why.

- Became obsessed with Not sure if I'm ballsy enough to follow through.

- Got drunk at 4 PM. Watched Inglorious Basterds. Ate too many Puffens.

- Panicked, lied, smiled, cried. I didn't mean for that to rhyme. Sometimes life does it anyway.

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